About the Ljubljana Tourist Board

The Ljubljana Tourist Board is a public business institution whose major purpose is the marketing and promotion of Ljubljana as a tourist destination in collaboration with the local tourism-related suppliers. Since its foundation by the Municipality of Ljubljana on 2 April 2001, the Ljubljana Tourist Board has been dedicated to meeting the following core objectives:

  • to build the awareness of Ljubljana as a Central European capital and a significant tourist destination;
  • to develop a highly structured system of tourist services, which should have a positive impact on the quality of life of the local residents and be attractive to visitors from abroad;
  • to help develop and promote the sectors which are either directly or indirectly related to tourism in Ljubljana;
  • to provide the conditions for achieving long-term stability of revenues in the tourism and tourism-related sector in Ljubljana.

For more information read the section on the Ljubljana Tourist Board.

Contact and information

Verica Leskovar, Promotion and Marketing Manager
Tel.: +386 (0)1 306 45 89, E-mail: verica.leskovar@ljubljana-tourism.si

The Ljubljana Tourist Board is an active member of the following international associations: