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Cafés in the old part of the city


An outdoor concert


A night in Ljubljana Old Town



A performance by street artistes


Casino Ljubljana

Ljubljana seems a happy city whose people know how to enjoy themselves without bluster, but this does not mean that the cafés close their doors at dusk. On the contrary, especially during spring and summer, the tables don’t just line, but fill the narrow streets and squares of Ljubljana Old Town, and street musicians entertain passers-by along the pedestrian areas.

Few cities of comparable size anywhere in the world have such an intense and eclectic cultural life as Ljubljana. Innovative and traditional performances of all types to fit all tastes attract young and old alike to Ljubljana Old Town. Music and arts festivals running all summer long fill the numerous open-air stages. The summer months festively end with a traditional event, the Night in Ljubljana Old Town (Noč v Stari Ljubljani), which turns the whole old city centre into a concert and party stage. Another spectacular event is The Night of the Ljubljanica River (Noč na Ljubljanici), when the river lights up with a procession of festooned and illuminated craft, from boats to rafts.

For lovers of dance music there are several discos and clubs in the city centre and the nearby vicinity, as well as clubs featuring jazz and rock music. Located in the Ljubljana are three casinos: Casino Ljubljana, Casino Lev and the Domina Grand Media Casino with various gambling tables and games. 

In the Slovenian countryside, where the tradition of celebrating village patron saints' days, referred to in Slovenian as "žegnanje", is still preserved, you will most often find plenty of dancing to traditional Slovenian music and no lack of food and drink. In some smaller localities close to Ljubljana, festivals are also held in honour of some locally grown fruits, such as strawberries and chestnuts.