Scenic excursions


Alpine Fairytale

Visit the alpine resort town of Bled and its famous lake, the Blejski Vintgar gorge, Lake Bohinj and the town of Škofja Loka, one of the best preserved medieval towns in Slovenia.


Boat trip to the Ljubljana Marshes and a visit to the Iški morost nature reserve

A boat gliding along the surface of the Ljubljanica river and leaving behind the bustling city centre will bring you to the Ljubljana Marshes (Ljubljansko barje), where multitudes of rare bird species nest or just fly over marshy meadows.


Karst and Coast Mystery

This excursion allows you to experience the major sights of the Primorska region, including Predjama Castle, the Škocjan Caves, the coastal town of Piran and the Lipica Stud Farm, and a typical Kras region's wine cellar.


Cave Rafting Adventure

This excursion offers an experience of the Notranjska region's karst sights including the Križna jama underground cave, the Rakov Škocjan nature reserve and Lake Cerknica, a unique intermittent karst lake.


Logar Valley

The excursion to the Logar Valley, one of the European Alps' most beautiful glacial valleys, includes a visit to the Rinka waterfall, a climb to the Alpine hut at Okrešelj and, as an option, a kayak or raft ride down the Savinja river.


Mt. Triglav Climb (2864m)

Mt. Triglav is Slovenia's highest mountain and an important national symbol, depicted on the Slovenian national flag. The Mt. Triglav Climb includes a two-day ascent to the top of Triglav and an overnight stay at an Alpine hut.


Underground Treasures (Postojna Caves & Predjama Castle)

This excursion includes a tour of the famous Postojna Caves, the world's biggest underground cave complex, and a visit to the nearby Predjama Castle, built into a cave in a vertical cliff face.


UNESCO Spot (Lipica Stud Farm & Škocjan Caves)

This excursion includes a visit to the Lipica Stud Farm, where the Lipizzaner horses originate from, and a tour of the Škocjan Caves, one of Slovenia's most beautiful natural sights.


Unlimited Experience (Julian Alps)

The excursion to the Julian Alps offers you an experience of the unique and unspoiled Slovenian Alpine area, renowned for its numerous natural attractions and breathtaking views.


Easy Hiking in the Julian Alps

Easy hiking in the Julian Alps will introduce you to one of most beautiful European mountains, distinguished not only for fresh mountain air but also for wonderful views and picturesque flora and fauna.

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