Classical excursions


Museum train ride along the Bohinj branch line

A steam-powered museum train takes you along the scenic Bohinj branch line, whose centenary was celebrated in 2006. The ride may optionally include a bus tour of the Goriška Brda wine growing region. During the train ride, passengers may choose to hop off and on at any stop along the way.


Wine Tasting in Vipava

This culinary excursion takes you to the Vipava Valley, famous for its fine wines and magnificent orchards.


Škocjan Caves, Lipica & Panoramic Flight above Slovenian Coast

Visit the Škocjan Caves, one of Slovenia's most beautiful natural sights, go on a tour of the Lipica Stud Farm, where the white Lipizzaner horses originate from, and take a light aircraft flight over the coast of Slovenia.


Coffee in Venice

This full day excursion includes a scenic flight to Venice and a sightseeing tour of Italy's famous "City of Water".


Alpine Fairytale

Visit the alpine resort town of Bled and its famous lake, the Blejski Vintgar gorge, Lake Bohinj and the town of Škofja Loka, one of the best preserved medieval towns in Slovenia.


Karst and Coast Mystery

This excursion allows you to experience the major sights of the Primorska region, including Predjama Castle, the Škocjan Caves, the coastal town of Piran and the Lipica Stud Farm, and a typical Kras region's wine cellar.


Emerald River

This excursion to the Slovenian Alpine area includes the resort town of Bled and its lake, the scenic Trenta valley, a raft ride down the Soča river as an option, and a presentation outlining the natural and cultural history of the Soča river area.


Emerald River Excursion

This excursion to the Slovenian Alpine region mainly includes places along the banks of the Soča, referred to as the "Emerald River" because of its striking greenish colour. A white water raft ride down the river is included as an option.


An Alpine Pearl (Bled)

This excursion to the town of Bled, one of Slovenia's most popular resort towns, famous for its alpine lake with an island in the middle, includes a tour of the town of Bled, a visit to Bled Castle and a traditional "pletna" boat ride to Bled Island.


Alpine Lakes (Bled & Bohinj)

During this excursion to Bled and Bohinj, Slovenia's most beautiful alpine lake resorts, you will learn about the local history and see the area's major sights.


Medieval Cities (Škofja Loka & Kranj)

This excursion includes a visit to the historical cities of Škofja Loka and Kranj, both renowned for a picturesque old city centre and fine examples of medieval architecture.


Underground Treasures (Postojna Caves & Predjama Castle)

This excursion includes a tour of the famous Postojna Caves, the world's biggest underground cave complex, and a visit to the nearby Predjama Castle, built into a cave in a vertical cliff face.


Unique Region (A Karst Region)

This excursion will take you to Kras, a unique karst region of unusual beauty renowned for its mysterious underground rivers and caves, specific climate, good wines and culinary delights.


Breathe Mediterranean (Portorož & Piran)

The excursion to the Mediterranean coastal zone of Slovenia includes a boat ride and a tour of the picturesque coastal town of Piran, famous for its Venetian architectural appearance.


Where the Medieval Meets the Present (Maribor & Ptuj)

This excursion includes a visit to Maribor, the second biggest city in Slovenia, and the nearby Ptuj, the oldest Slovenian city with a picturesque medieval city centre.


UNESCO Spot (Lipica Stud Farm & Škocjan Caves)

This excursion includes a visit to the Lipica Stud Farm, where the Lipizzaner horses originate from, and a tour of the Škocjan Caves, one of Slovenia's most beautiful natural sights.


The Romantic Capital of the World (to Venice by Prince of Venice)

You will undertake your journey to Venice, the famous "City of Water", by a catamaran called Prince of Venice.


West Roundy

This two-day excursion offers an experience of the Slovenian Alpine region's lake resorts of Bled and Bohinj, and the Primorska region's Lipica Stud Farm and the town of Piran.


Novo mesto & Kostanjevica na Krki

This trip will introduce you to the sights of Novo mesto and Kostanjevica na Krki, two towns, marking the Dolenjska region.


Slovene Istria (Taste of Countryside)

Unique landscape of the Slovene Istria is known for hills, old villages, vineyards and olive plantations and peculiar cultural tradition. The trip includes a visit to an old Istrian village and a littoral town Isola.

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