Ljubljana at Your Fingertips

  • Information on how to spend time in Ljubljana, where to find the best restaurants, what events are on during your stay and much more is available to you from Ljubljana's three Tourist Information Centres. You can also get free tourist brochures, book sightseeing tours and buy tickets to various events.
City tours
  • The offering of scheduled and custom tours of Ljubljana is wide and varied. You can choose from a range of walking, boat, tourist train, cycle and hot-air balloon tours. Also available are various themed tours, which offer an opportunity to learn about particular sights in greater detail.
Ljubljana Card
  • The Ljubljana Card tourist pass is your key to the city. It allows you free entrance to most of Ljubljana's museums, free travel on city buses, accommodation and shopping discounts, and a lot more. The Card is valid for three days. Cardholder benefits are available from over a hundred providers of tourist services.
  • Learn about Ljubljana before visiting. Find out about the sights worth seeing, their location and events held in the city. Tourism brochures published by the Ljubljana Tourist Board are available as downloadable PDF files.
  • Take a little something from Ljubljana home with you. The souvenirs available from the Ljubljana Tourist Board reflect the characteristics of Ljubljana by combining the city's arts and crafts tradition with modern design. The most authentic of them are branded as "Souvenir of Ljubljana".
  • Ljubljana provides a perfect base for exploring the diverse beauties of Slovenia. As distances within the country are not great, within a single day it is possible to visit the coast and the high mountains and experience the Mediterranean, Alpine and continental climate.
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