The Roman town of Emona


A reconstruction map of Emona


Emona and the Roman cemeteries and scattered architectural finds

The town of Emona (Aemona) was built by the Romans in 14 BC on the territory of the present Ljubljana. The town was situated on the flat terrain of the so called Ljubljana Gate, a natural passage between the Castle Hill (Grad) and the Šišenski hrib hill, and an important transit route from Central Europe to the Mediterranean.

The ground plan of the town of Emona was rectangular, measuring 523 by 435 metres. It was divided by a grid of five or seven perpendicular streets called cardines and decumani, and fortified with a town wall with a number of towers and a moat. Underneath the streets there was the cloaca, the city's system of large sewer pipes discharging into the Ljubljanica river. The town fell into decline around the year 600 AD, with the arrival of Slavs, who started the settlement which subsequently developed into the medieval Ljubljana.

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