Sights Located Outside the City Centre


The Tivoli Mansion in the centre of the Tivoli park


The Church of St. Francis in the Šiška district, designed by architect Jože Plečnik


An aerial view of the Church of St. Peter

Ljubljana boasts numerous sights located outside the old city centre and the rest of the city's central area. Unlike the sights of the city centre complexes referred to as Baroque, Art Nouveau and Plečnik's Ljubljana, they are mostly not located close to one another and they do not form cohesive wholes with recognizable characteristics.

The sights located outside Ljubljana city centre include some of the best works by architect Jože Plečnik, such as the church in the village of Črna vas at the Ljubljana Marshes and the one in the Šiška district. Another important sight, landscaped by Plečnik's student Edvard Ravnikar, is the circular Path around Ljubljana. Not far off the Path, there are a range of other important sights, such as the Renaissance mansion of Fužine and the Žale cemetery complex, designed by architect Plečnik.

The closest to the city centre is the Tivoli park, which apart from an abundance of walking paths and greenery, including a number of botanical curiosities, also boasts the Baroque Cekin Mansion and the Tivoli Mansion. Right next to the park is the Rožnik hill with a network of walking and recreational trails and the Baroque Church of St. Mary of the Visitation. The sights just mentioned are just a few pieces in the rich mosaic of the sights of the greater Ljubljana area.

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