Semeniška palača s knjižnico / Seminary Palace and Library

Address: Dolničarjeva ulica 4, Ljubljana
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The Seminary Palace, located behind the Cathedral (Stolnica), was built between 1708 and 1714 to a design by the architect Carlo Martinuzzi. The building has a richly decorated entrance portal made in the workshop of the stonemason Luka Mislej in 1714. The portal is flanked by Hercules statues carved by Angelo Putti. In the 18th and 19th centuries, several annexes were added to the Palace. The river-facing extension was built to a design by the Baroque architect Candido Zulliani between 1756 and 1758.

The Seminary Palace houses the two-storey Seminary Library, Ljubljana's first public library, founded in 1701 on the initiative of the members of Academia Operosorum. After 50 years of being open to the public, the Library was dedicated for use by theologians. With its ceiling painted by Giulio Quaglio in 1721 and original oak furniture made by the cabinetmaker Josip Wergant, the Seminary Library is one of Slovenia's most beautiful Baroque monuments. Quaglio's ceiling painting is an allegory of Theology, which gives power to Faith and has Hope and Love by its side. The Library keeps a large number of valuable manuscripts and printed works.

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