Slovenska akademija znanosti in umetnosti / Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Address: Novi trg 3, Ljubljana
Phone: +386 (0)1 47 06 100
Fax +386 (0)1 42 53 423
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The Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, established in 1938, is housed in Lontovž (the name being derived from the German Landhaus for provincial house), which was originally home to the Provincial Assembly of Carniola and later a theatre hosting renowned theatre and opera troupes from around Europe.

The building's façade was designed between 1786 and 1790 by Jožef Schemerl, who later became the director of the Court Construction Office in Vienna, renowned for his design of the canal between Vienna and Leith. In the building's courtyard, where an urnfield dating from around 2000 BC was found, stands a Neptune fountain sculpted by Janez Kumersteiner in 1675. The fountain, which previously stood in front of the Town Hall, was moved to the courtyard after World War II and restored in 1993 by a restoration team consisting of the architect Milan Mihelič, sculptor and restorer Peter Mali and art historian Gojko Zupan.

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