The organisation of the City Administration

The organisation of the City Administration has to be adapted to its mission and tasks and the business processes that run within it. It has to ensure the professional, effective, rational and co-ordinated carrying out of tasks, effective internal supervision over the carrying out of tasks, direction towards the users of its services and effective co-operation of MOL’s bodies with external institutions.


Bodies of the City Administration are established in it as basic organisational units for carrying out the City Administration’s tasks, as well as the Office for Internal Audit for carrying out tasks of internal audit and counselling.


The bodies of the City Administration are offices, departments and prosecutory bodies.


The offices are:

  1. Mayor's Cabinet
  2. Office for Development Projects and Investments
  3. Office of Public Purchasing
  4. Office for Legal Affairs
  5. Office for Local Self-Government
  6. Secretariat of the City Administration
  7. Office for the Organisation of work of the City Council

The departments are:

  1. Department for Finance and Bookkeeping
  2. Department for Real Estate
  3. Department for Spatial Management
  4. Department for Environmental Protection
  5. Department for Commercial Activities and Traffic
  6. Department for Pre-School Learning, Education and Sports
  7. Department for Culture
  8. Department for Health and Social Security
  9. Department for Protection, Rescue and Civil Defence


MOL's prosecutory bodies are:

  1. City inspectorate
  2. City traffic wardens



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