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The Daputy Mayor Aleš Čerin


The Deputy Mayor Jadranka Dakić


The Daputy Mayor Prof. Janez Koželj


The Daputy Mayor Jani Möderndorfer

Aleš Čerin


Deputy mayor Aleš Čerin is a native of Ljubljana, who is a graduate of the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana.
His knowledge of public administration goes as far as the lowest level (during the 1980's he was president of the executive council of the Ljubljana Bežigrad local authority) to the highest level (when he was first general secretary of the executive council of the Republic of Slovenia and then in the first government after democratic elections).

He worked for Mercator from 1992 to the end of 2005, and for eight and a half of those years (from 1997) as a board member.

He has written two books: Vsi moji predsedniki (All of my Presidents, 1999) and Najboljše moštvo (The best team, 2006).

Mayor Zoran Janković has given him the fields of relations with the national government, which is his main duty, as well as dealing with relationships within the City Council, human resources and legal affairs. He is also the leader of the group of councillors from Zoran Janković's list.



Jadranka Dakić


Deputy mayor Jadranka Dakić was born in Ljubljana on July 13 1955. Having successfully concluded her studies at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana, she then took a job at the Agrotehnika – Gruda Ljubljana company in 1980 where she found her feet in the management of commerce.

Subsequently, she spent almost sixteen years as an employee of the Lek pharmaceutical company, of which for almost nine years she was financial director and in the last year carried out the duties of board member in the field of finance, economics and capital investments. From 1998 to the end of 2005, she was a board member of Mercator Business Systems, responsible for finance, supervision and accountancy.

Alongside her work, she continuously attends courses at home and abroad and strives in this way to raise the level of business finance to a higher quality level. According to research by Manager magazine, she was, in 2004 and 2005, among the five most influential women in the Slovenian business world.

She is a member of the board of management of the Manageress section at the Association of female managers.

She is married, the mother of two children and lives in Ljubljana.



Janez Koželj


Architect Janez Koželj was born in Ljubljana in 1945. He is a regular professor at Ljubljana University’s Faculty of Architecture, where he lectures in urban planning design. He has been a guest lecturer and mentor at numerous international urban planning workshops at home and abroad. From 1974 to 1994, he was the editor of the AB architectural bulletin, an international review for architectural theory. Between 1980 and 1985 he worked at the Kras group and at Studio znak. His research work has been systematically oriented towards the research and development of operational methods in the planning of the modern city. His theses have been published in books as well as numerous scientific articles and he has presented them at international meetings. In his professional work, he analyses theoretical findings in urban planning studies of city development and projects for the restructuring of neglected parts of the city. Among other things, with his co-workers, he has created various development studies for Ljubljana, Maribor, Koper, Celje, Nova Gorica, Rogaška slatina, Slovenska Bistrica, Lucija, Ruše, Ajdovščina, Črnomelj, Rijeka and Vienna. For his works, he has won tenders and has received awards for artistic achievements. He has exhibited at presentations of modern Slovenian architecture in Europe and America. His work has frequently been showcased in domestic and foreign architectural magazines.

Among his publications, the following deserve special mention: ‘Tipologija mestne stanovanjske arhitekture in njena vzajemnost z morfologijo mestnega prostora’ (‘The typology of urban residential architecture and its mutuality with the morphology of urban space’), ‘DUO, degradirana urbana območja’ (‘DUA, Degraded urban areas’) and the architectural guides ‘Plečnikova Ljubljana’ (‘Plečnik’s Ljubljana’), ‘Plečnikova Slovenija’ (‘Plečnik’s Slovenia’) and ‘Plečnik v tujini’ (‘Plečnik abroad’, co-authors A. Hrausky, D. Prelovšek), as well as ‘Arhitektura Ljubljane’ (‘The architecture of Ljubljana’, co-author A. Hrausky).

The most important of his projects that have come to fruition include a commercial-residential building on Poljanska cesta in Ljubljana (1988), the Poljane sports hall in Ljubljana (1991), the residential building in the Novi Tabor building island in Ljubljana (1991), a group of residential buildings in Graz, Austria (1998), the Portoval entertainment-retail centre in Novo mesto (co-architect Hože Jaki, 2003) and the Črni Kal viaduct (co-architect and builder M. Pipenbaher, 2004).



Jani Möderndorfer


Deputy mayor Jani Möderndorfer comes from Ljubljana. After leaving Medical High School in Ljubljana, he was employed in an old people’s home run by the Ljubljana Moste-Polje local authority and later in the Central Hospital, the Oncological Institute, the Association of Societies of the deaf and hearing impaired of Slovenia, and later at the Society for the development of preventative and voluntary work, as well as an independent sign language interpreter.

A speciality of the field of his work is the interpretation of Slovenian sign language, which from a young age he got to know as a child of deaf parents. In particular, his mother Meri Möderndorfer is still today his foremost teacher of sign language. In the last 17 years, he has worked on ‘Prisluhnimo tišini’ (‘Listen to the silence’) programmes for state broadcaster RTV SLO as a presenter and interpreter of Slovenian sign language. His political path began in 1998 when he was first elected to the City Council. In this, his third mandate, Mayor Zoran Janković appointed him as deputy mayor with responsibility for the district councils, adjacent authorities, as well as the fields of culture, pre-school education, sport, social security and health.


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