Boards of the City Council

The City Council may set up commissions and boards, which, in the framework of their working area in line with this Statute and the standing orders of the City Council, deal with matters within the competences of the City Council and put to the City Council opinions and proposals.
The commissions and boards of the City Council may propose that the City Council adopts decrees and other acts within its competences, other than the budget and excluding the closing of the final budget and other acts for which law or this statute determines that adoption is by the City Council on the proposal of the Mayor.
Members of commissions and boards are appointed by the City Council from among its own members, but also from among other residents of Ljubljana, but to a maximum of half of the members. The work of working bodies of the City Council is led by a member of the City Council as president. Members of a commission or board may not be members of MOL’s Supervisory Board and may not work in the City Administration.

  •  Board for finance
  • Board for local self-government
  • Board for pre-school education and schooling
  • Board for sports
  • Board for cultural and research activities
  • Board for health and social care
  • Board for economic activities, tourism and agriculture
  • Board for economic public companies and traffic
  • Board for spatial management and planning
  • Board for managing real estate
  • Board for residential policies
  • Board for environmental protection
  • Board for the protection, rescue and civil defence


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