Important traffic routes flow into Ljubljana, a city almost in the very centre of Slovenia, from every side. Thus, Ljubljana's arterial routes are named after the towns and regions from which they lead into the capital: Tržaška (Trieste), Celovška (Klagenfurt), Dunajska (Vienna), Dolenjska and Barjanska (Barje) roads. It’s due to the favourable location of the city and the ever better traffic infrastructure that the people of Ljubljana enjoy rare privileges among the inhabitants of the world's capitals – it takes only an hour to get to the coast by car, while the closest ski resorts are even nearer to Ljubljana. These are privileges that the locals almost take for granted, while foreigners are always enchanted by them.

Naturally, it’s most pleasant to stroll around the city centre, as Ljubljana is small enough that almost everything is within easy reach and meanwhile big enough for the citizens not to feel hemmed in.


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