Opening of the Ljubljana Brdo Technological Park

In his election manifesto, Mayor Zoran Janković emphasised the great importance of the continuation of investment in Ljubljana's technological parks (Brdo and Litostroj), intended to stimulate domestic innovation and foreign investment.


Thus, the opening of the Ljubljana Brdo Technological Park on 7 December 2007 represents an important step in the development of an appropriate supporting environment for high-technology entrepreneurship and with it the economic and technological development of the Slovenian capital.


Tehnološki park Ljubljana d.o.o., Ljubljana Technological Park, has been twice recapitalised by the City of Ljubljana with land and it is thus now its almost 70% stakeholder. The City has built the necessary public infrastructure (water supply, sewerage, gas supplies, public lighting and a four-lane road) on the site of the Ljubljana Brdo technological park and adopted a Resolution on land fees (Ur. l. RS št. 130/03). In line with Article 14 of this Resolution, Ljubljana Technological Park companies do not have to pay land fees for their use of built land in their incubation phase. Furthermore, member companies of TPL receive a 50% reduction in land fees for built land.   


Ljubljana Brdo Technological Park in numbers



Tehnološki park Ljubljana d.o.o. is the project investor, carrying out the project via monetary loans and funds acquired from the European Structural Fund for Development on land invested into Tehnološki park Ljubljana d.o.o. by the City of Ljubljana.


Construction investment

The price of the construction of the first seven buildings at Ljubljana Brdo Technological Park is estimated to be 41.3 million EUR. Of this, Ljubljana Technological Park obtained 8 million EUR for the construction of buildings and the purchase of research equipment from the European Structural Fund for Development. The remainder of financing of construction of Ljubljana Brdo Technological Park was resourced by Ljubljana Technological Park from its own assets and bank loans.


How many people worked on the construction?

A public tender was published for the Ljubljana Brdo Technological Park project by Ljubljana Technological Park, upon which a commission selected the architectural solution provided by Inženiring 4M d.o.o.. Ground work, done by SCT d.d. and building work, undertaken by GPG d.d., involved 300 to 400 workers. GPG d.d., which led the project, had for its implementation, in addition to a number of team leaders, a permanent presence of a site manager and an additional three to four technical workers.


Area size

According to its construction plan, the technology zone in Brdo will eventually comprise a total surface area of 100,000m² and an anticipated 23 buildings. Four buildings with associated subsurface areas will thus amount to 27,070m² of business space and 19,220m² of parking.


Meeting of European

7. - 9. May 2008


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