Hologram of Europe at the crossroads between Dunajska and Tivolska

In the framework of the Slovenian EU Presidency and at the initiative of the VITAAA Society for the co-existence of the human, nature and space, the City of Ljubljana is to set up the artwork Hologram of Europe in the park by the crossroads between Slovenska, Dunajska and Tivolska.

The Hologram of Europe is made up of 34 stone pillars, shaped into four circles, with a common centre. A cosmogram is to be chiselled into each pillar, representing the qualities of a certain country, as well as the qualities of European waters, mountains and vital energy centres. The inner circle will showcase the elementary sphere, the second the emotional sphere, the third the spiritual sphere, and the outer circle the coshapers of Europe.

The ground between the four circles will be paved according to a pre-set pattern which will connect the pillars as 27 of them represent EU member states, while the circumferential seven pillars represent the coshapers of Europe.

The stone pillars will be made of natural Karst Lipica stone and be between 180 and 250 cm in height. Members of VITAAA are to chisel the pillars, which are to be brought into the park today, in two groups (between May 1 and 5 and between May 15 and 18). In the meantime, the ground, which will be partly paved and partly grassed, will be groomed, and the ready chiselled stones set up.

When the second group have finished their work, the remaining pillars will be set up and the remaining area of the Hologram paved and grassed.


Meeting of European

7. - 9. May 2008


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