500th anniversary of birth Primož Trubar

Ljubljana remembers Primož Trubar with pride and gratitude for many important reasons. Although he spent only a few years of his prolific life here, his contribution to the linguistic, religious and general cultural education of the Slovene people is greatly connected with Ljubljana as an urban centre that due to its geographic position, economic power and cultural development was able to become the main vehicle of the Reformation in Slovenia. In 1535 he was a fervent preacher of the new reformed faith in Ljubljana, but he was exiled to Trieste because of his ideas and activities. He returned to Ljubljana in 1542 when the conditions for Reformation activities slightly improved. He became a canon and a confidant and confessor of Bishop A. Kacianar. But soon, in 1548, he was forced to flee to Germany. Only two years later he published the first two Slovene books, Abecednik and Katekizem, which means that these epochal works must have been conceived while he lived in Ljubljana. His literary works and religious activities are so widely researched and written about that today it is reasonable to say that Primož Trubar established us as a nation when he called all the inhabitants of Carniola, Styria, Carinthia and the Littoral »Slovenes« for the first time. He was the first – Primus – to see beyond the narrow borders of the historical lands to the far limits of the Slovene language, which he believed to be the only possible vehicle of religious sentiment and the primary tool of linguistic education, as well as a foundation of conscious general cultural activities. It is no coincidence that in 1561 the people of Ljubljana victoriously accepted him in their midst and listened again to his sermons at the hospice church of St Elisabeth, which stood approximately in the location of the present-day western wing of the Kresija building. Ljubljana became the centre of his activities and it is in this context that we must understand not only his Slovenian Church Order of 1562, but also all his important works that were created later in German Protestant circles. Ljubljana recognized Trubar’s significance in the past as well, and erected one of the most beautiful monuments in Slovenia to him at the beginning of the Tivoli promenade. But his legacy continues to speak to us as vividly as in the past and in the year of the 500th anniversary of his birth once again draws our attention to great and demanding cultural projects worthy of his memory.


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7. - 9. May 2008


500th anniversary of birth Primož Trubar
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