Ivan Grohar: The Sower (Sejalec)


Rihard Jakopič: Winter Landscape (Zimska pokrajina)


Ivan Grohar: The Spring (Pomlad)


Anton Ažbe: The Negress (Zamorka)


Narodni dom (the present National Gallery) in 1902

Slovenian Impressionists and Their Time 1890-1920

23 Apr 2008 - 08 Feb 2009
Narodna galerija / National Gallery, Prešernova cesta 24
Opening hours:  Tuesday to Sunday 10:00-18:00. Monday and public holidays closed. Free admission on Saturdays after 14:00.

The exhibition Slovenian Impressionists and Their Time, 1890-1920 brings together paintings by the leading masters of Slovenian Impressionism, including Rihard Jakopič, Ivan Grohar, Matija Jama and Matej Sternen, and shows their contemporaries' achievements in other fine art disciplines and architecture. Exhibits include or are related to over 300 significant works of art.

Slovenian Impressionists were the first generation of modernist painters in Slovenia. Their creativity and public work brought about a range of qualitative changes in Slovenian fine art. Among other things, they broke new ground by originating fine art institutions such as the private school o painting run by Rihard Jakopič and Matej Sternen, and the Jakopič Pavilion (Jakopičev pavilijon), Slovenia's first art gallery. They set quality criteria for the evaluation of Slovenian fine art, which remained to be used as authority throughout the 20th century.
The artistic period marked by Impressionists is presented through paintings, drawings, caricatures, statues and photographs. The exhibition includes works by artists who shared certain common features with their Impressionist contemporaries, such as Anton Ažbe, Maksim Gaspari, Ivana Kobilca and Hinko Smrekar. It also contains original statues or photographs of statues by several important sculptors of the period including, among others, Franc Berneker, Lojze Dolinar and Ivan Zajc.
A special exhibition section is dedicated to Avgust Berthold's photography. The architecture of the period is represented by the work of Max Fabiani, Jože Plečnik and Ivan Vurnik, the pioneers of modern architecture in Slovenia.