Slovenia celebrates Trubar Year


Primož Trubar (woodcut by Jacob Lederlein, 1578)


A coin for 1 € bearing the image of Primož Trubar


Trubar Memorial House in Rašica

The year 2008 has been announced Trubar Year to mark the 500th birth anniversary of Primož Trubar (1508-1586), the father of the written Slovenian language and the leader of the Protestant movement in Slovenia. Throughout the year, Slovenia will be honouring this important figure in Slovenian history with a range of events dedicated to his legacy.

Who was Primož Trubar?

Primož Trubar, one of the most important contributors to Slovenian culture, was born in 1508 in the village of Rašica pri Velikih Laščah and died in 1586 in Derendingen, Germany. Being the leading figure of the Slovenian Protestant movement, he acted in accordance with the belief that church ceremonies should be performed in the language of the common people. Persecuted by religious authorities in his homeland, he fled to Germany. In 1550 in Tübingen he published the first two books ever printed in Slovenian, Catechismus and Abecedarium.

Events marking Trubar Year

Besides the main commemoration ceremony, set to take place in June, Ljubljana will host a whole a range of commemorative events, among them the National Museum of Slovenia's large exhibition on the life and work of Primož Trubar. A series of events in Trubar's honour will be held in the village of Rašica, Trubar's birthplace, where his memorial house is open to the public. Commemorative coins bearing Trubar's image will be issued to further mark the anniversary year.

The list of events in Trubar's honour will be updated as new events are announced.


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