The Village of Zbilje and the Lake of Zbiljsko jezero


A view of the village of Zbilje and the lake of Zbiljsko jezero


The lake of Zbiljsko jezero


Stations of the Cross

Distance: 18 km
Direction: Ljubljana – Medvode – Zbilje

The lake of Zbiljsko jezero is an artificial lake created in 1953, when the Sava river was dammed to provide water for the hydroelectric power station in the town of Medvode. Apart from being a tourist attraction, the lake provides an important habitat for numerous bird species. Boats and carriages can be hired for rides on and around the lake. A few kilometres away from Zbiljsko jezero is a smaller lake, Trbojsko jezero, which was also created by damming the Sava river.

The village of Zbilje was first mentioned in 1311. Its Church of St. John the Baptist (Cerkev sv. Janeza Krstnika) has since it was built (1883-1884) been visited by pilgrims. Its main altar, made in 1665, originates from the church which previously stood on the site of the present church. About a kilometre away from the bridge across the lake of Zbiljsko jezero you can enjoy a beautiful view of the nearby 515 metre high hill, where the Way of the Cross (Kalvarija) created in 1772 and the ruins of the old castle of Smlednik are situated. The castle was, presumably in the 12th century, built on the foundations of a prehistoric fort and a Roman stronghold of a later origin. According to the famous 17th century Slovenian polyhistor Janez Vajkard Valvasor, the old castle of Smlednik was in ruins already by the second half of the 17th century. The ruins can be reached by several routes.

One of the walking paths from the village of Zbilje runs to the nearby village of Repnje, where the famous Slovenian philologist Jernej Kopitar was born. The village of Podreča, situated on the other side of the lake of Zbiljsko jezero, was the birthplace of the poet Simon Jenko, whose statue stands in the middle of the village.


  • Čolnarna Zbilje (Zbilje Boathouse),
    Zbilje 30, Medvode,
    tel. +386 (0)41 723 818
  • Turistično društvo Zbilje (Zbilje Tourist Society),
    Zbilje 30, Medvode,
    tel. +386 (0)1 361 34 66, +386 (0)31 302 360
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