The Town of Škofja Loka


A view of the town of Škofja Loka


Škofja Loka Castle


A scene from the traditional Medieval Days in Škofja Loka

Distance: 21 km
Direction: Ljubljana – Medvode – Škofja Loka

The town of Škofja Loka, which lies in the heart of the Sorško polje plain, by the confluence of the Selška Sora and Poljanska Sora rivers, is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Slovenia. In 937, the area of the present town became the property of the bishops of Freising. The first mention of Škofja Loka as a market town was in 1248. In 1274 it was granted city rights. At the time it was surrounded by a city wall with five towers and a town gate in each of them. Today's characteristic medieval appearance of the old part of Škofja Loka is due to the town's upper and lower squares and the mighty Loka Castle (Loški grad) rising above them.

Both the town and the castle were partially destroyed by the earthquake of 1511 and rebuilt by Bishop Filip afterwards. The ground plan measurements of the mighty square tower which used to stand in the castle courtyard were restored later. Since the rebuilding, the old part of the town and the castle have not changed much. The castle now houses the collections of the Loka Museum (Loški muzej).

Let us mention just a few famous buildings in Škofja Loka. Just beneath the castle is the Church of the Immaculate Mary (Cerkev Marije Brezmadežne), which assumed its present Baroque appearance after the fire of 1669. The inside of the church boasts several valuable tombstones and a Baroque stone pulpit, and the façade a relief of Christ's crucifixion. Not far away is the Capuchin Bridge (Kapucinski most) and in the middle of it the statue of St. John Nepomuk with the coat of arms of Škofja Loka on its pedestal. One of the town's most majestic buildings is the Granary (Kašča), which was in the past incorporated in the town walls. Currently it houses the permanent gallery of the Slovenian painter France Mihelič and a wine bar and shop in its cellar.


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