The Village of Rašica


A view of Temk's Mill


Primož Trubar (woodcut by Jacob Lederlein, 1578)

Distance: 28 km
Direction: Ljubljana – Turjak – Rašica
The village of Rašica lies on the gentle slope of a hill near the village of Velike Lašče. Running past the village is the Rašica brook, whose former name, Fužinarščica (which could roughly translate as "the ironworks brook"), is reminiscent of the local ironworks, where iron for weapons used to be produced. The lords of the local castle, the Counts of Auersperg, used to sell weapons across Europe. Prior to Turkish invasions, the village of Rašica was an important traffic and business centre. In 1528 it was burnt down by the Turks. The fire also destroyed the water mill known as "Temkov maln" (Temk's Mill), the home of Primož Trubar (1508-1586), the founder of the literary Slovenian language and the leader of the Protestant Reformation movement in Slovenia. A monument dedicated to him – a 5.6 metre high obelisk – was erected by the road to the village in 1950, on the 400th anniversary of Trubar's Katekizem (Catechism) and Abecednik (Abecedary), the first two books printed in Slovenian.

On the 400th anniversary of Trubar's death, Trubar's statue, by Drago Tršar, was unveiled in front of Trubar's homestead, which was reconstructed along with the traditional Slovenian "kozolec" wooden hay-drying rack and the water-driven Venetian sawmill standing next to the outbuilding. The outbuilding was turned into an inn and the barn into the Trubar Memorial Room, whose walls carry inscriptions telling of Trubar's life and work, while the windows bear pictures of his famous contemporaries, including some of the rulers of the time. The middle of the room is dominated by several cylinders containing books written by Trubar from 1550 to 1586 and symbolising reflections on Slovenianhood.


Trubarjeva domačija Rašica (Trubar Homestead in Rašica),
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