The Kurešček Hill

Distance: 20 km
Direction: Ljubljana – Ig – Kurešček

Kurešček, an 833 metre high hill with a lookout point and a church of the Holy Mother of God (Cerkev Matere Božje) on top of it, is a well known pilgrimage centre. The original church, which burnt down twice, first during the 2nd World War in 1942 and then again in 1970, was a significant monument of Baroque architecture, constructed on the model of Late Baroque hall churches. In 1992, a new church was built on its site and the original statue of Our Lady Queen of Peace was transferred to it.

The name of Kurešček, whose root is the Slovenian word for "making fire", is reminiscent of the times of Turkish invasions, when warning bonfires were lit on hilltops. In the past, an ancient route used to run at the foot of the Kurešček hill, leading from Ljubljana via the village of Ig to the Roman military stronghold in the village of Golo and further on towards the town of Cerknica.

The village closest to the Kurešček church is Zapotok. Located on the eastern slope of the hill is the village of Visoko, while on the northeastern slope there is the village of Želimlje, whose sights include the Church of St. Vitus (Cerkev sv. Vida), built in the neo-Romanic style between the years 1884-1886, and the now privately owned 15th century hunting lodge of Nemršelj. One of the routes from Želimlje leads to the village of Golo, which offers beautiful views in the direction of the Dolenjska region and the Alps.


Turistično društvo Kurešček (Kurešček Tourist Society), Zapotok 105, Kurešček, tel. +386 (0)1 364 44 98

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