The Villages of Kamnik pod Krimom and Jezero


The lake by the settlement of Jezero

Distance: 30 km
Direction: Ljubljana – Brezovica – Podpeč – Kamnik pod Krimom or
Ljubljana – Črna vas – Podpeč – Kamnik pod Krimom

The village of Kamnik pod Krimom is located on the edge of the Ljubljana Marshes, at the foot of the Krimsko-Mokriško hribovje mountain range. Particularly worth visiting is the village's Church of St. Florian (Cerkev sv. Florijana) with its Rococo altar dating from 1750. Located in the vicinity of Preserje Railway Station is the Dormouse Museum, which features a collection of about a hundred stuffed dormice. The systematically arranged collection includes information on the dormouse habitat, the way of hunting it, and its natural enemies. Apart from the stuffed dormice, the collection includes a number of other stuffed animals, such as Slovenia's biggest wolf, shot in the forests of the Kočevje region, and Slovenia's biggest bird of prey, the bald eagle.

Located about one and a half kilometres from Kamnik pod Krimom, between the hills of Sv. Ana and Sv. Lovrenc, is the village of Jezero. Next to the village there is a small, up to 37 metre deep lake with a small bathing beach. The lake is fed from several springs welling up in the nearby forest. Situated on the lookout hill of Sv. Ana is the Church of St. Laurent (Cerkev sv. Lovrenca), a small church built in Romanic style, and a Neolithic archaeological site.


Polharski muzej (Dormouse Museum), Kamnik pod Krimom 98, tel. +386 (0)1 363 10 42

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