The Village of Janče


The Church of St. Nicholas in the village of Janče


The footpath sign post on the Fruit Route between the villages of Javorje and Janče

Distance: 25 km
Direction: Ljubljana – Sostro – Besnica – Gabrje – Janče or
Ljubljana – Zalog – Podgrad – Besnica – Janče or
Ljubljana – Jevnica – Janče or
Ljubljana – Laze – Janče

To the east of Ljubljana, the Besnica brook is cutting its way through the Zasavsko hribovje mountain range. Set amongst the wooded hills in the Besnica valley are a range of villages known to provide a variety of tourist services. The entire area is characterised by majestic old trees.

The mountain village of Janče, a popular day trip destination for the residents of Ljubljana, offers beautiful views of Slovenian mountains, including Triglav, Slovenia's highest mountain, and the Karavanke, Kamniške planine and Pohorje mountain ranges.

Located in the centre of Janče is the Church of St. Nicholas (Cerkev sv. Miklavža), whose first mention was in 1526. Story has it that it was built by a traveller who had – distressed because of a brigand attack – made a vow to God. The church is furnished with several Baroque side altars and the main altar built in 1857.

Not far away from the church is a mountain hut, which is especially during the traditional annual countryside events such as the Slovenian Strawberry Festival and Chestnut Sundays visited by numerous hikers. The events are organized by the Besnica Janče Tourist Society. The Society is also responsible for maintaining the walking paths in Janče's surrounding areas, including the Fruit Trail between the villages of Javorje and Janče, the Chestnut Trail between the villages of Sadinja vas and Mali vrh, and the Bilberry Trail between the villages of Podgrad and Janče. Located alongside the trails are numerous farms offering homemade delicacies and farm produce such as strawberries, cherries, peaches, plums, apples, potatoes, sweet chestnuts, schnapps, various pastries, salamis and sausages, fruit juices, etc.


Planinski dom na Jančah (Janče Mountain Hut), tel. +386 (0)1 367 10 29

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