The Iški Vintgar Gorge


The Iška stream

Distance: 17 km
Direction: Ljubljana – Ig – Iški Vintgar

Iški Vintgar is the name of the scenic gorge of the Iška river. Its interesting appearance, characterised by a small rapid river, numerous sandbanks and river pools, and steep walls of rock, which at times give it the appearance of a real canyon, is due to the powerful mechanisms of tectonic faulting.

Walking through the gorge, you can see numerous interesting minerals, such as dolomite minerals streaked with white calcite veins, or little reddish and greenish round shaped plates with mineral inclusions, which bear witness of the area's turbulent geological history. The gorge's scenic appearance is also due to its vegetation, which ranges from trees whose roots cling to the steep gorge walls to numerous alpine plants such as sedge, rhododendron, double-headed violet, Carniolan primrose and double snowdrop.

Gostišče Iški Vintgar (a guesthouse), Kot 4, Ig, tel. +386 (0)1 286 43 80

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