Trips to Ljubljana's Surrounding Areas


An aerial shot of the top of the Šmarna gora hill


The Volčji Potok Arboretum


A rough map of Ljubljana and its surrounding areas with a number of interesting trip destinations described in this section

Ljubljana's near and far surrounding areas offer a variety of day trip opportunities. The countryside abounds in natural beauty, recreational walking and cycle routes, and excellent places to eat. Particularly worth visiting are the Fruit Trail between the villages of Javorje and Janče, as well as the Bilberry and Chestnut Trails, all of which lead past numerous tourist farms offering homemade culinary delights. The surrounding hills, such as Šmarna Gora, one of the most popular spots for hikers from Ljubljana, and the hill of Kurešček, offer not only well maintained and relatively undemanding walking routes, but also beautiful views.

Further on across the countryside, but still in the immediate vicinity of Ljubljana, there are a few smaller towns renowned for their historical heritage. Particularly worth mentioning are Škofja Loka, Slovenia's best preserved medieval town, and Polhov Gradec, a picturesque little town abounding in both cultural and natural heritage sites. Ljubljana's surrounding areas are generally marked by an abundance of natural heritage sites. In the plain of Dobrepolje and the countryside surrounding the villages of Borovnica and Iški Vintgar, you can explore some of the less known natural attractions, which include even underground caves and waterfalls, while at the Volčji Potok Arboretum, which boasts more than 4,500 plant species, you can have a walk in the well-maintained environment of a park.

All the day trip destinations described in this section are located within 30 kilometres from Ljubljana.

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