The Village of Borovnica and the Pekel Gorge


The remains of a railway bridge


A renovated flour mill in the Pekel gorge

Distance: 23 km
Direction: Ljubljana – Bistra – Borovnica - Pekel or
Ljubljana – Podpeč – Borovnica – Pekel

The village of Borovnica is located on the southwestern edge of the Ljubljana Marshes, in the narrow Borovniščica brook valley. Immediately behind the village begins the karst landscape with sinkholes, underground caves and waterfalls. The central part of Borovnica is the area around the Parish Church of St. Margaret (Župnijska cerkev sv. Marjete). In the past, one of the village's major attractions was a 511-metre long and 38-metre high viaduct, whose construction started in 1850. The viaduct, which was at the time one of Europe's largest viaducts, was pulled down in 1944. Its only remaining part is one of its columns, which is now protected as a monument.

The path meandering alongside the Borovniščica brook leads to the wild and scenic Pekel waterfall gorge, which extends to the steep rock of Hudičev zob ("Devil's Tooth"). Situated in the nearby meadow is a fully restored flour mill with a water wheel. The inscription and the map cut into a tree trunk at the foot of the slope leading to the Pekel gorge waterfalls mention five from 3 to 29-metre high waterfalls, but actually there are seven of them. On its way downstream, the water from the falls flows down numerous rapids and gullies.


  • Občina Borovnica (Municipality of Borovnica), Paplerjeva ulica 22, Borovnica, tel. +386 (0)1 754 83 33
  • Turistično društvo Borovnica (Borovnica Tourist Society), Paplerjeva ulica 22, Borovnica, +386 (0)1 754 61 26
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