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An aerial view of the Tivoli park and the Tivoli Mansion


The Biosfera Adventure Park


The footpath to the Šmarna gora hill


Canoeing at the Sava river


Hovercraft ride

Boasting large areas of greenery, Ljubljana offers plenty of opportunities for sports and recreation. Apart from numerous recreational routes leading to the Rožnik hill, the Tivoli park complex, which extends practically into the very city centre, includes various sports grounds, children's playgrounds, the Ilirija Swimming Pool Complex (Kopališče Ilirija) with an open-air pool, the Tivoli Sports and Recreational Centre (Športno-rekreacijski center Tivoli) with fitness and sauna facilities and an indoor pool, and the Tivoli Sports Hall (Športna dvorana Tivoli), Ljubljana's largest indoor sports venue. Ljubljana hosts a large number of national and international sports competitions, so sports events make an important part of Ljubljana city life.

One of the best recreational choices on warm summer or autumn evenings is in-line skating through the city streets. Another good option is a walk along the circular 30-kilometre long Trail of Remembrance and Comradeship (Pot spominov in tovarištva), whose course was during World War II the course of the barb wire fence which the Italian occupying army built around Ljubljana in order to weaken the resistance movement. The Trail leads past a number of architectural sights, such as the Žale cemetery and Fužine Castle (Fužinski grad), as well as past several popular recreational spots, such as the Mostec forest and the Golovec hill.

Those wishing to enjoy scenery can choose from a variety of walking and cycle routes in the surroundings of Ljubljana. Slovenia offers an abundance of different sports and recreational destinations, all of which are relatively easily accessible from the capital. Ljubljana is ideally located for rapid access to various skiing resorts in winter and relaxing seaside resorts in the summer. Slovenia is particularly famous for its numerous rapid rivers suitable for rafting, canoeing and kayaking. The closest to Ljubljana are the white waters of the Sava river by the town of Medvode, where a descent down rapids can be enjoyed only a few kilometres away from the city.

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