Culture and Art in Ljubljana


The Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra and the Slovenian Chamber Choir


A scene from the 24th Ljubljana International Biennial of Graphic Art


Works by the art group Irwin

In Ljubljana culture is not merely a matter of prestige, but an entire way of life. The Slovenians are apparently the only nation that has a Culture Day as a national holiday. Art and culture have helped the Slovenians - wedged as they were between the more powerful German and Romance nations - to retain their own language and cultural identity throughout the centuries.

Through all the momentous events in the European history and critical moments in the existence of the Slovenian nation, it was specifically the artists and men of culture who often helped the nation get through the most difficult times. Always in the mainstream of events, they absorbed all that was new in the European Parnassus, tested it, adopted what resonated with the Slovenian soul and, with a highly critical attitude towards their own creativity, enriched the European cultural treasure trove with their contributions.

It is precisely in Ljubljana, the heart of Slovenia, that this creativity is expressed most intensely. Due to interesting cultural scene, typically marked by original approaches by many of the Slovenian artists, Ljubljana always was - and still is - something of a challenge to foreign artists. It is because of this that Ljubljana can satisfy even the tastes of the most demanding conoisseurs.